Support the Petersfield Open Air Pool, and you could win up to £150.00 each month.

The Pool 200 club is your chance to help raise funds for the Petersfield Open-Air Pool, and stand the chance of winning one of three monthly prizes. Get in touch with us to receive a standing order mandate for your chance to participate in each month’s draw! Each ticket in the monthly draw costs just £3.00.

The prize fund is comprised of 50% of the ticket sales, with the remaining 50% going to the pool (into the Supporters of the Open Air Pool account). There are three winners each month, with the prize fund split as follows:

  • First Prize 25% of subscriptions (£150 if 200 tickets are sold)
  • Second Prize 15% of subscriptions (£90 if 200 tickets are sold)
  • Third Prize 10% of subscriptions (£60 if 200 tickets are sold)

The prizes are paid to the winners by cheque within three days of the draw taking place. A list of the winners for the current month is displayed on the notice board by the entrance to the pool. A complete list of prize winners is maintained by the pool committee for all members to see. In the interests of fairness, each draw is attended by at least three committee members or nominated representatives.

To make things nice and easy, subscriptions can be paid by standing order, either annually or on the first day of each month. Payments by cash or cheque are also gratefully accepted. The total number of tickets in the draw is limited to two-hundred, other than this there is no upper limit of numbers that can be held by any one person. The club is open to anyone over the age of eighteen.

If you are a tax payer, we can reclaim the tax on your contribution if you fill in a GIFT AID form (available from the pool or by emailing Help your donation work harder! Fill in the forms today! For more information, pick up a leaflet at the pool or email to request a form.

Preferred number(s) will be allocated to you if they’re available, otherwise they will be picked at random.

The objective of the “Pool Two Hundred Club” is the provision of funds towards the general updating and improvements for the Petersfield Open Air Swimming Pool, being a charitable purpose.

All proceeds, deducting sums lawfully appropriated on account of expenses, or for the provision of prizes, shall be applied to the said charitable purpose. Notwithstanding, the funds may be used to the provision of running costs. The controls of the club and funds are the responsibility of the Petersfield Open Air Swimming Pool management committee and all decisions relating to any matters regarding the Club or the fund shall be the responsibility of that committee. The Club is restricted to 200 members and is available to any person over the age of 18.