Heated Open Air Pool

Welcome back Swimmers!

2023 Season – Starts 29 April

Pre-booking or drop in

Tom Callingham will be at the helm as General Manager for his second season.  He looks forward to welcoming you all back to our lovely community pool.

2023 Schedule

We will start the season off with a somewhat reduced schedule due to staff availability but hopefully there will be something to suit all. From Spring Half Term onwards, we hope to operate a full schedule.  Click here to preview the schedule up to Spring Half Term.


2023 Season Tickets

2023 Season ticket prices are reduced relative to 2022 and will be £280 for an adult season ticket.  We are limiting the number of adult season tickets to 150. 

Seasons tickets – worth your while? 

2023 Swimming Lessons

Sign up for 2023 Swimming Lessons from April 1st onwards.  

Booking and Drop-in

We are offering both booking and drop in possibilities in 2023.  Booking is advised to be able to guarantee admittance and strongly recommended.  Drop ins are welcome if there is sufficient capacity left in the pool to avoid overcrowding.  We expect drop-in to be possible during non-peak term-term time days, when the weather is not ideal or once a session is already half over.   We aim to keep the swimming experience enjoyable for all and therefore drop in admittance will be at the discretion of the POASP.

Private Hires

Private Hires are booking up fast. There are some dates available …..  But hurry … before they are gone!   The pool is available for private hires on Friday, Saturday or Sunday evenings throughout the season.  Click here for details

Pre-booking or drop in