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Petersfield is proud to host one of Britain’s iconic Lidos. First built in 1962, it has seen a number of changes to keep it current and operational, without ever sacrificing the enduring appeal of a community pool. The 2020 renewal is the boldest yet.

Community Collaboration

Contractors for the Works:

Supporting local community projects for the future of our town.

Restoring Structural Integrity

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Repairing a cracked wall
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Removing the failed skimmers
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Repairing the Roman stairs
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Replacing to the old scum channel

Improved Water Quality

Doubling the number of skimmers drawing water from the surface ensures the best water quality possible with the current filtration plant. The addition of an auto top-up system keeps the pool at the right level throughout the heat of the summer.

Improved Aesthetics and Safety

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Repair New Low-Slip Millboard decking a cracked wall
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New coping stones & blue tiles
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New fully secured ladders
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New lighting for safer late swimming