This section contains information about the current opportunities for doing paid work or volunteering roles at the Petersfield Open Air Swimming Pool.

After successfully recruiting a new General Manager we are now keen to fill several roles for the 2022 season. While we give preference to returning staff who have performed well we know that there will be a need for new recruits as the normal cycle of turnover occurs.  We advise you to please apply before the advertised closing dates as we will be shortlisting and interviewing candidates as applications come in.


Duty Manager

Petersfield Open Air Swimming Pool (POASP) is looking for an additional Duty Managers who can start as soon as possible.        

The Duty Manager the representative on site in the absence of the General Manager.  They are responsible for supervising pool attendants (lifeguards), supporting café staff as well as performing some lifeguarding in the shoulder seasons (May, June, and September).  This is a great opportunity for someone who has been a lifeguard to be able to step up and take on a role with more accountability and responsibility. It is also a good role for someone is enthusiastic about the pool, perhaps semi-retired wishing to work flexibly for part of the year.  Individuals must either have a valid lifeguard qualification.  Click here for details.

Email your CV / cover letter  to to apply.


We are now seeking a seasonal Kiosk/Café Manager, for an immediate start, to be responsible for setting up, running and closing down the Café/Kiosk for the 2022 season.

The Dive Thru café was set up in 2021 and there is already a good model in place from which to start. The kiosk aspect of the role involves selling key items that are useful to customers (e.g. bathing caps, swim nappies, sun screen) as well potentially expanding the offer of POASP merchandise.

There is also potential to explore and deliver catering options for events and private parties. This job is ideal for someone loves the pool, comes with relevant experience from elsewhere and fancies a change or for someone who has worked in a café / shop and is looking to step up to a more responsible and encompassing role. The main aspect of the role is ensuring that the café / kiosk runs smoothly and profitably and offers fayre that is appealing to the demographic of customers that come to the pool.

Click Here for more information about the role.

Email your CV and covering letter to to apply.


Volunteers play a very important role in helping to keep the pool viable.  We currently have volunteers who generously give their time to the pool providing free  IT support, legal advice, gardening care,  plant room support and day to day site maintenance.   

We also have a few groups that we call on occasionally which are:

Maintenance Volunteers

We have a pool of (normally semi- skilled or skilled) volunteers who join in for “maintenance days” – in the spring prior to opening and in the autumn after closing for the winter.

Reception / Café Volunteers

We have a few “on-call” reception volunteers who are able to step in to help when we have staff shortages (usually in May).   

We are currently also seeking the following: 


Someone who has used various graphic design tools / MS Power Point and could help us produce promotional posters/materials for events and marketing. This could be a great opportunity for a graphics student looking for work experience/opportunity to bolster CV. Mainly during the pool open season although out of season would also be helpful. 

Admin/Document Formatting

Someone who could help with final formatting of procedures and policies, create forms, create mailing lists. Desired skills – competent in MS Word formatting.  Time required: adhoc requests and when documents are being updated. Normally pre-season and post season activity (i.e. between end September and beginning of May) with adhoc requests during the season.

Marketing and Events

Someone who is willing to work with the Operations team at the pool to assist or lead marketing and or events planning.  If you are interested in this but would only be able to do this on a paid basis, then please let us know also as it may be possible to find some budget to help in this area. Most of the work related to marketing is during the main open season – although ideally, events planning takes place prior to the main open season

Computer Assisted Drawing (CAD)

Someone with access to licenced Autocad drawing programme can help with pool drawings.

If you are interested in any of the roles below please contact and put “Volunteer” in the header.


We are currently seeking 1 or 2 trustees to join the team of trustees.

POASP has between 5 and 8 trustees on the board at any one time. Trustees meet once per month but also take on “responsibility areas” which demand some additional time. Desirable skills which we would warmly welcome include: Technical Practical Engineer / Facilities Management, Events Organisation, Small Business Management (e.g. Café / Shop management).

Potential trustees need to have some time to “do” as contributing well as a POASP Trustee is not just providing “strategic wisdom”. We have very few paid staff and the pool would not be able to operate without dedicated trustees and volunteers.

Prospective trustees should have a passion for the pool and ideally are users of the pool as this enables trustees to be more informed and provide better management support. To find out more about being a trustee, please contact the pool via and put Trustee in the subject header.